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I hear people say  “Apple is just selling its name, it shouldn’t be that expensive. What is so special about Louis Vuitton?  and so on”
Come to think of it,  for people to be willing to pay any price placed on a brand name, don’t you think there is a reason behind what makes it so special ? Before you go ahead and say “I’d rather buy a regular sandal for a cheaper price”, below are few of the many reasons why you should consider buying a branded product ( in this case a footwear)
* It is true you can save some money buying an unbranded footwear by the roadside or at your regular store but it also means you are buying a footwear with no identity. A brand name is an identity, something that represents what a product brings so if people have chosen to keep getting a particular brand, it is because of its worth, identity and consistency. People go around flaunting their Gucci shoes because it represents class
*Imagine going to a party and being served biscuits in a plain transparent nylon that says nothing about what it is. Whether unconsciously or not, what comes to mind is cheap, you start to wonder what kind of biscuit it is anyway. I personally do not even eat strange things but just imagine if it was Oreos!oh my! Even if the nameless biscuit tastes better, people would appreciate Oreos more because they know it’s worth.
Whether it’s a 500 Naira footwear, you should feel good wearing whatever you buy , you should be able to flaunt it and in the situation where you are gifting it to someone, it should be appreciated.
*A brand brings attributes in the mind of people. For example, Nokia is known for durability, BMW is known for speed, Dolls is known for durability and reliability( no pun intended)💅🏿
     So before you complain about just a few more bucks, think about what you are getting in return. Besides, building a brand name is not cheap , no one is willing to spend so much money building a brand without making sure it is one that brings the best quality and an identity known for bringing smiles to people’s faces.
 Everyone needs an identity......


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Hey guys,

   If you follow my Instagram page or have ever stumbled on @dolls_sandals on Instagram, you would know how much I stress on not only getting a fashionable slide/sandal but one which is comfortable as well.
   A lot of sandals are only for fashion and can end up leaving your feet hurting badly, often leading to painful blisters. Because I have gone through these and i know how it feels to have that pretty sandals you wanna wear everyday but you always end up removing at the occasion so that your feet can breathe, i will be giving helpful tips on how to know and buy a pair of comfortable sandals.

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Although leather soles are classy and very expensive, they cannot be used daily and for rough use.
Rubber is often flexible right off the bat leaving minimal break-in period. Therefore you normally do not feel so stiff when a shoe is made on a rubber sole, even if hand welted. It also being quite sturdy makes it feel comfortable for some people. And naturally it has more shock absorption so when you step you don’t feel the hardness of the pavement as much as you might in the leather sole.
 A good rubber sole is virtually indestructible (not really but close). Due to the nature of rubber and what it is intended for, you can really go hard on it and it will last. Rubber is very water resistant so you really don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet, ever.
  Rubber soles are more discreet - they don't make this solid impact sound when you walk, they are more comfortable for walking because they absorb the foot strike impacts better.

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